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Clinical Simulation Theatre

Access the world's newest medical training technology in the revolutionary Clinical Simulation Theatre.

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A perfect replica of a UCH operating theatre, the clinical simulation theatre offers the rare chance of a 'full dress rehearsal' for surgeons with any level of experience to plan procedures, hone techniques and identify potential risks in a controlled, yet extremely realistic environment.

This is the opportunity to attempt a complex procedure, or simply optimise routine procedures, under real pressure and in real-time.

Experienced clinicians or trainees may observe, through one-way glass, the attempts of colleagues to perform a variety of procedures using our high-tech, anatomically accurate and reactive mannequins 'Sim-Men'.


Operated by trained technicians out of sight, a prescribed 'script' of timed events (eg, bleed, BP change, cardiac arrest etc) mirrors the real-life hazards and challenges clinicians face in theatre.

Every clinical decision, action and reaction - recorded by cameras and microphones positioned throughout the theatre - is copied onto DVD for subsequent review.

Go a step further and shadow groundbreaking procedures as events unfold in real-time, keeping pace through a direct audio-visual link to a live UCH operating table.

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"There are few enough simulation training centres in the world let alone in the UK - and the Learning Hospital's 'Live-Link' operating theatres are new and of a particularly high quality."

Professor Tony Mundy,
Corporate Medical Director

Professor Tony Mundy conducted a reconstructive urology masterclass at The UCH Education Centre in 2008.

To find out more about this class, click here.

The UCH Education Centre's pioneering theatre simulation technology gives clinicians, with any level of experience, the rare chance of a 'full dress rehearsal' - with opportunities to make mistakes, refine techniques and ensure theatre effectiveness - in a controlled, yet extremely realistic setting.

"This is particularly useful for teaching complex procedures and groundbreaking work, while for junior trainees it is valuable for common procedures - it works for everybody."

Professor Tony Mundy,
Corporate Medical Director

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