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The Learning Hospital

The new Learning Hospital - comprising a range of innovative clinical training suites for behavioural learning at the The UCH Education Centre - combines state-of-the-art simulation technology and progressive teaching to meet the needs of today's hospitals and Primary Care Organisations.

We offer broad scope for healthcare professionals of all ranks and disciplines to learn and practise a variety of clinical skills, from routine nursing observation to leading-edge minimal access surgery.

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Click on each link for more details of our clinical training services, or visit the Bookings & Room Hire page to enquire about programmes, prices and availability.


The Learning Hospital operates bespoke programmes through four key channels:

  • Clinical simulation theatre: opportunities are available for surgical teams and individuals to run through complex or routine procedures in real-time and under pressure - one of the few in Western Europe
  • Minimal access surgery/simulation unit: our interactive unit houses new laparoscopic and endoscopic training tools incorporating high-definition display and feedback
  • Advancing clinical skills: healthcare professionals of all ranks and disciplines can learn, practise and perfect skills for resuscitating, stabilising and monitoring critical patients, in line with the latest guidance
  • Behavioural development: evaluate and improve your reactions, decision-making and communication in a range of high-stress situations designed to improve teamwork; advanced AV technology allows post-event analysis

Added to this unique collection of training resources, The Learning Hospital runs a series of masterclasses giving clinicians the opportunity to share expertise with colleagues and students through live demonstrations.

Procedures are performed in UCH-s well-equipped operating theatres with live audio-visual feeds beamed direct to observers in The Learning Hospital-s seminar rooms, or, where appropriate, the minimal access surgery training suite.

Whatever your training needs, The Learning Hospital is designed to maximise the benefits of your time and investment.


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"The Learning Hospital was born
of an unmet need: many of today's incremental improvements in healthcare interventions are on the micro scale - targets, guidelines, benchmarks, protocols, policies and committees etc - but in fact the real difference in delivering an enhanced patient experience comes when you engage at the macro level."

Professor Aidan Halligan,
Prinicipal, NHS Staff College.

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